Poem -


My best friend, my worst enemy.
My dearest lover, 
It's time to say goodbye. 
The way you held my hand, 
Touched my lips, 
You took my breath away. 
You make my insides go grey.

You are latched on to me like a parasite
For the past 8 years you always stood by my side.
You comfort me 
You make me sick
Now I'm an addict 
Trapped in the world I created 

They say you are just as addictive as heroin. 
Your voice is always echoing.
'' Take me, fill your vains with my poison, I'll make u feel better''
Your venom, the best there is. 
So deceiving, misleading, deluding. 
Made by corporate greed.
Designed to alter your mind. 

I want to be independant and free
From this parasite inside me
I have to break out from your control 
Recreate my world to one that I love to be in. 
Being away from you will be a huge win. 

There will never be a good time to quit you, 
Now will be as good as any time. 
So I say goodbye. 
For my freedom, health and mind.