Poem -

No matter where the sunset falls

No matter where the sunset falls

Whenever fools may run amok
A thought-provoking tune
Comes to mind under the sun
That blends into the moon

What matters if not love my dear
Enigmatically we seek
Can there be doubt that enmity
Creates a challenge to beseech

Through all the years I live this earth
And rustle and resile
Me – myself – a sense of dread
A feeling of true bile

True bile comes – and yet away
It wanders past my sea
Past warmer waters (pure joy)
Yet spilt (alas) by me

By me – a simple soul who lives
The advent of true will
No matter where the sunset falls
I’ll wait for you until.

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Being Me

Oh my goodness this is a really gorgeous poem!  Wait...i just read it again ... yep, this is a fantastic poem. It has beautiful, soulful intent...the equisite words weave their way through the narrative to an ending that is perfect. I am sooo pinning this ...it is a joy to read x 

Owen James

Thankyou so much. Love your response. Take care in these troubled times and never stop believing x