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No one without someone

No one without someone

I wish my dirty blood would stop bleeding 
And my lungs would stop their heaving
And oh how I wish my heart would stop beating in that awful rhythm that makes my organs dance 
I’ve lost the will to love and thus to live
I won’t ever feel again now that I’ve lost the strongest emotion of all
Who am I if I’m not yours? 
If I am not a lover or a scandal who am I supposed to be?
I don’t want to ponder on my lack of love or lack of everything 
My self worth has always relied upon what others see or think
So to lose love’s embrace so many times is to lose myself over and over again 

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Hello Abi...

Welcome to Cosmo!

Emotionally sad write!

May you realize your worth and how it's their loss if they don't have you...

​​​​​Learn to love yourself...

The best is yet to come...

Thank you for sharing...