Poem -



Oops –
Joey ran through the woods
As fast as he could
But he stumbled and fumbled and fell

Ouch –
His hand fell on bark
He had a scrape and a scratch
And blood oozing from what he could tell

Golly –
What on Earth had just happened
(his world had unravelled)
He thought his day in the woods would be fun

Calling out from those woods
He yelled as loud as he could
So that someone would hear him and come

But his biggest fear
Was they’d be nobody near
No matter how loudly he’d cry

Then he heard a word
He thought it was a bird
The woods muttered and uttered and such

It was Joey’s best friend
Who said; I knew I’d find you in the end
And Joey thanked Sam for his help oh so much

Sam said;
how did you lose your way
On this bright, sunny day
For the woods you were never a match

You look worse for wear
Come home – we’ll fix up that tear
And we’ll patch up your scrape and your scratch


for the children...

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