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Out Of My Hands

Out Of My Hands

I wonder if I could go back
Would I be able to make you stay
Would I be strong enough to hold you
Is there anything a four year old boy could say
Would my mother even believe me
If I told her he wasn't coming back
I wouldn't believe it
If a toddler told me that
A tantrum would just upset them both
I couldn't have that on my soul
Then he'd just be upset with me
When he inevitably took to the road

If I ever had the power
To go back to that day
I don't think there would be anything I could do
But cry as he walked away
I can promise I would try anything
Even hurting myself in some way
So they would have to stop what they were doing 
And take me to the hospital right away
But if we were all together 
I think our whole family would make the front page
And not a single one of us
Would live to this day and age

If I could turn back time
I guess it could only be to see him again
I'd tell him what I've grown up to be
Although I'd know he'd never understand
I'd hug him so hard
And I'd never want to let go
I know he'd return the love 
I'm sure he'd let his feelings show
I'm kinda glad I can't go back
So that I can't ruin today
It's hard, but I will see you again
No matter what, I'd have to let you walk away

LukeCoomer ©

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Cherie Sumner

Hi Luke...What pressures children put on themselves wishing they could make a parent stay...feeling responsible....I feel sorry for the void and loss he feels...very sad....Well written. ox Cherie


Im sorry I wish I would have fixed my edit mistake before I posted but it is fixed now! I don't know how that even happens and I apologize

please enjoy