Poem -

Paint Over the Cracks

Paint Over the Cracks

I peel myself from my bed
Rotten chewing gum on a path
And smear my face with make up
Liquid sludge fills cracks of wrath
I strech a smile across my face
A sinister joker's grin
An empty broken vessel
That devoured what was within
A rotten aging corpse
Neglectful and misleading
Destroying my little Apple Seed
Instead of kindly feedingĀ 
It decided to quickly kill it
While I laid in bed at night
My barren womb so cruel
Would rid itself from its own plight
And left me here with cracks
Hid beneath a painted face
Rotten chewing gum on a pavementĀ 
Squashed and out of placeĀ 

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Jayne Curry

Thank you Marion. Hard to put into words xĀ