Poem -



She dances a visceral beat, declaring to all the story her soul reveals
Captivating, she sways to a primal beat, drawing in her assemblage
Bringing each on the journey of emotional transcendence
Infusing all, one by one, with the passion of the dance

She gazed into his eyes, a reflection she knew, to his soul
His breathing accelerates as his gaze meets hers
As one they react to the pheromones each emanates
Skin becomes almost sentient, demanding to be stroked

As one they stroll onto the stage, exhilaration palpable from the darkness
The scenes unfold, emotions are rent, tears flow, laughter escapes
A collective sob is heard from the darkness, the audience feels
Each actor infused with the passion experienced in those watching

From across the room they smile, one each knows 
Time has given them a secret language, romantic, sensual
Eyes sparkle with mischievousness,  a wink says volumes
A blush, a chuckle, that both can still arouse the other without touch

A note warbles on high, the counterpart deep and low
In perfect harmony they construct the fabric of figuration
Encompassing the complexities of the tale told in song
Eliciting the gut reaction of a passion shared 

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Karina Benish

Thank you so much. Indeed.. when I wrote this, I was discovering my capacity for love hadn't been diminished, but I had shoved it into a dark corner and locked it up for too long. Some very dear and recently made friends (now about 1.5 years ago) have helped me realize that showing emotion is fantastic and needn't open one up to ridicule, rather, it opens one up to receive love

Dean Kuch

Eloquently worded and wonderfully conveyed, Karina.
I am probably wayyyyyyyyyyy off base here. However, I immediately thought of love at first sight as I finished reading.
Hey, it happens.
I know for a fact.
Lovely, well penned...
~Dean Kuch ♥💘♥

Karina Benish

Thanks for the kind words. I wrote this one because I had lost myself for decades. Allowed me to get shoved aside. When I started on my journey to find me again, there was so much passion I found in life.. mine, others, and love... so for you to say you thought of love at first site.. makes me very happy I wrote it well enough to give you that thought!

Dean Kuch

Don't mention it, Karina.
You're more than welcome.
Take care,
~Dean Kuch