Poem -

"Picture Them Waving"

"Picture Them Waving"

"Be honest,
do you really want,
your entire life,
to pass you by,
while you chase that next high,
and the next one,
and next one?
Oh look at that,
here comes the Sun!
Well look at that,
I've passed away,
another day,
looking for drugs,
in every possible way.

I feel so very empty,
If I had a case of beer,
I'd drink plenty.
Something to remove,
this nagging voice in my head,
that contiuously says,
'Stop! Or you'll end up dead!'

Put a name to The Voice,
that was just mentioned.
Dear one it is God,
who wishes to save you,
from this carnal affliction.

Have you ever stopped to think,
of what all is sacrificed,
just for that numb feeling,
as your soul withers away,
and is in such need of healing?

The smile of your mother.
The hug of your child,
who was taken away,
that day you went wild.
The kiss of your lover,
as you both embrace,
all taken by chasing,
a simple taste.

Come back to The Light!
Let's both dance in the Sun!
Stand and face,
that you were running from!
Because you will continue to run,
right into your grave.
We are all here waiting,
your parents, lover, and child,
just picture them wave,
and just know,
you are someone,
who is worth being saved."