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Police Brutality!

Police Brutality!

Back when i was 18 i was confronted by the police,
only went outside to see what was occuring in my streets.
Then all of a sudden there was a scream "get back" "get back"
told him woah slow your role then all of a sudden that was that.

this guy was a right twat before i knew it we was scuffling about,
told him he was weak then 6 of them men took me right out.
slammed me to the floor for no reason hands an legs in cuffs,
knees in my back and blows to the head left me with a few cuts.

i was dazed and confused getting dragged to the back of the van,
i said "now whats going on? he just said fuck you young man.
he hit me again i started laughing as he threw me inside the back,
then there i was sat thinking what the fuck was all that.

got to the desk in custody an was asked "have you been fighting?
i said "no seargent" your men did this with force of there striking.
it was all over nuffin it was police brutality just arresting anyone,
wouldnt mind if i done something i was in the station then gone.

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Cherie Leigh

Great example how sometimes people in positions of power take advantage of their role and use it to manipulate and bully.....I am sorry you went through this...There are good and bad police men on both spectrum of actions... There are real criminals that need their attention..and yet they make time to harass and piddle on things that should be non incidents...xo

James unsworth

Didnt know why they did what they did spent the best part of half an hour in the station then i got bailed out from that day on it still confuses me haha 😁