Poem -


You're grounded ...


I know the breeze warms the air outside 
And the flowers are bright & are in bloom, 
I sit here in this god forsaken place 
I sit alone in this lonely desolate room, 
The cold walls have their own stories to tell 
As I miss my true heart, one more night, 
The secure door that holds me in 
The air is cold & enduring & tight, 
I know the work that lays ahead of me 
But I also know I must do my time, 
But if only the man with the keys
Would go through the feeling of mine, 
I know I've done wrong 
The true facts, I cannot deny, 
But if only the tears would fall 
From a man who wants to cry, 
The world can be a horrible place 
And the end product of crime, 
Is if you're going to risk the wrongful
Then you must be able to do the time, 
Really, all I can do is wait
For the months that lay ahead, 
And I hope my true loves heart 
Can picture me laying, in this cold lonely bed, 
But happiness will fall upon me one day 
And I'll look back on this & be free, 
And until the day when I'm really happy 
I know that prison ain't the place to be..! 

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