Poem -


I never thought I'd find it in you,
A girl who once passed me by, not seeing.
I never thought we would find each other,
and be rocks in sea and sky.
Pushing and pulling, You keeping me down,
out of the clouds of deception I conjure to obscure,
Me pulling you up, from realities,
whose waves threaten to pull you under.
Push and pull, together we toe our lines.
Together, we can stand and breath easier,
waiting for the waves to cease thrashing,
For the clouds to cease circling like vultures,
Together we stand on the edge of the abyss.
Your hand is in mine now, Bound as we are.
Every heartbeat, every breath, every motion,
Pushing and pulling, like the sun and sky,
When I move, you flow in seamless motion,
A seamless dance of life and hope and energy,
Every kiss you return, each ragged breath,
as, pulse pounding, we search for release,
Motion and antemotion, being and unbeing,
Unmaking the very fabric of reality in our embrace.
For we are opposite and equal, equilibrium,
Perfection, in its most imperfect form.
As our hearts race, our hands touch,
as mine sweep across your burning skin,
It is not such a simple emotion, love,
It can burn, brand, destroy, as well as mend.
And as we are together, all at once I feel,
through your eyes, through your heart, through your soul,
You are new to me, and terrifying,
but I have come to face my fears.
I am better than who I once was,
And together we will make anew.
I am yours,
You are mine,

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Rhiannon Strickland

Jesus Christ that was ROUGH. One day without me and suddenly you're waxing poetic on the swirling chaos of our lives?

Cherie Leigh

Hey D...I think this is very honest and vulnerable,  Love can be exciting and terrifying at the same time.  I love how you say you have come to face your fears....taking that risk and wanting to experience love with devotion and hope.  I am proud of the young man you are becoming and learning about what love entails.  You truly deserve to be appreciated....xo  ;)  Thank you for sharing.  You know I always appreciate love when it is expressed with sincerity.  I hope you are well. xo ;)