Poem -

Reading out loud brings exaltation

Reading out loud brings exaltation

Yours truly whiles hours away
reading out loud... tis not hearsay
cuz ears of mine relish... neigh
feast hearing spoken words, I do say
plus eyes (mine) drink one
or more letter combination yea.

Aforesaid pastime doth rarely
if ever tire hungry bookworm
whose ravenous appetite manifested
within thy being when infinitesimal
mature haploid male or
female germ cell did squirm

chiefly hankering to unite with
another of the opposite sex in
sexual reproduction to form zygote
ideally until healthy parturition
i.e. full embryonic term.

Impossible mission to ascertain
inexplicable predilection sounding
out words doth prevail, hence
mind boggling to explain
possibly... linkedin to ancestors
emigrating from Ukraine.

Quite far fetched i.e.
outrageous hypothetical suggestion,
yours truly doth attest
enigmatic why I experience
unbridled wedded zest
(yup... meanwhile still
awaiting pathology results

courtesy electric kool
aid acid test)
since no rhyme nor reason
would put to rest
profound predilection towards
English language I jest
kibitz with feeble and lame
humor at my behest.

Even when just twinkle in papa's eye,
and ditto countless generations
since beginning of time well nigh
present pluperfect long haired
pencil necked geek play catch up,
i.e. well bred and raised on wry

courtesy punster mocker
intelligent daddy hood decry
miserable lot visited upon
the fountainhead of humanity
nevertheless, one intelligent guy

papa employed within
confidential aerospace division
General Electric, his
truly valued calling
within role which I
heretofore state passion

drafting, building, and refurbishing
non complex edifices housing why
he bought apartments within Norristown
your guess as good as mind,
nonetheless I deny

he skillfully, lovingly
and energetically did apply
native born talent as self taught
bridging - think River Kwai
craftsmanship thwarted

as mechanical engineer
aburst with creativity,
he often did resignedly sigh
minor misfortune relegating energy,
where smarts got him - no lie

earning advanced degree from Columbia,
which allowed, enabled, and provided
economic status lifestyle within middle class
regaling Harris family,
albeit trumpeting mock apple pie

trappings, yet methinks papa
now nonagenarian widower
once upon courtship wooing Harriet
(Kuritsy maiden Canarsie, USA)
evinced flair with literary flare.

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