Poem -

Ride to Heaven

What's the rush sugar foot?
My grandpa would say
Don't you know to slow yourself
Enjoy the merry go round
I was ten and all a dither
The fair that year was in Saint Louis
and it smelled like cotton candy
I can hear the music play as the rideĀ 
I can see the colored lights
The ferris wheel was on my mindĀ 
And it was a double Dutch
Oh grand dad my ticket please
I jumped and raised a storm
He reached I to his pocket
And handed it to meĀ 
He smelled like wood smoke andĀ 
A pleasant kind of smell
And he let me wear his jacket
Cause it looked cold up there
I got in line and bravely stoodĀ 
Watching how they would stop andĀ 
Make those buckets turn round
I felt dizzy then you think
When my time cameĀ 
They buckled me in the car
The ferris wheel began to turn
And my excitement went sky high
you could see everyone why
Pastor Ken and my sister at the slide
They were newly Weds and oh so cute
It was a shame mama wasn't here
But she had gone to heaven
That's what the Pastor said to me
I had waited and long waited
For the fair to come to town
So I could ride this ferris wheelĀ 
And hope to talk to Mom
It is the closest thing to heavenĀ 
I had ever seen
So very tall and mighty
It has to be the oneĀ 
The one thing that couldĀ 
Help me speak to her one more time
Just to tell her how much I love her
And I miss her all the time

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Cherie Leigh

Awww...What a sweet sentimental write all the way through, but especially at the end when the little girl on the ferris wheel gets to feel closer to her mom in heaven when the ride takes her up higher towards the heavens....You are really great at narratives and stirring emotions..I enjoyed. xo ;)Ā 

Marion Price

Full of emotion Violet, I am almost there with you in the memory šŸŒ¹šŸŒ¹

Violet Freese

Thanks Marion I am doing these on a cell phone and I have poor eye sight so they are a bit rougher than they should be. My apologies but if I don't post them here they would just die in the phone.Ā  ..Ā  anyway thank you for reading I am going to go over a couple of themĀ