Poem -

Rocket To The Moon

Rocket To The Moon

The moon shines up there in the night sky..
I always wonder what's on the other side?

I've heard the stories and they are quite unique..
My curiosity just wants to take a little peek.

Neil and Buzz as you know, came back one day..
But they didn't really have much to say.

NASA released pictures of edited blur..
And "Google Moon" seems a little obscure

So China thought they'd have a look too..
Going to the dark side.. something different to do. 

But China's not giving up much of its find..
That just messes more with my inquisitive mind!

The mystery still remains as it did before..
So I'm going to build a rocket and find out more.

And one day I'll fly my rocket to the moon..
So watch out "Dark Side" I'll see you soon!