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Romantic Zodiac : The Ice Princess

Romantic Zodiac : The Ice Princess

Why can you not see this in my eyes?
I do not love you. I do not want you.
I do not... I don't... I... don;t think I do?
If when I see you, I wish to speak,
If when I hear you, I wish to respond,
If when you smile at me, My heart stops...
And I find no words, Is that... what I am missing?
How much does it take to qualify...
Is there a number, an amount... a quantity?
How much affection does it require,
to constitute love for another.
All my research, all my waiting, all this... emotion.
and what? I can;t decide.
I feel as if I ask, and you reject me,
I don;t know what I would do.
I feel a... dread... A dark feeling, when I...
when I think of you disapproving of me.
I have never cared before, before...
I worked hard, and everyone respects me..
So, what about you... What about you...
What about you terrifies me?
If I love you, why am I so afraid?
If this is love, then... Do I want you?
I do not know...
Could you show me?

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Dmitri Rudder

If anyone is wondering, the essential difference between the Ice Prince and Princess is the role. Whereas Ice Princes tend to fear losing the ones they love due to their Icy nature, Princesses biggest fear is not having their unsupported feelings rejected. It's a difference between receiving and giving roles. Princesses want to receive, but are afraid to ask for love, while Princes think no girl could love their callous selves, and are afraid to give. Actually, the best and most quirky relationships tend to be between these two. Hence the Icy royal family!

Susan Chetcuti

I really enjoyed reading your captivating poem. Very intriguing 😊