Poem -

Salty Clown

Salty Clown

Back again,
​​​​​​Oh so soon,
An act that couldn't be true,
Who were you trying to fool?
Surely not I, as the curtains crumble.

Difference is between you and I,
Acting comes easy,
I'm no amateur,
Making you cry with my profection.

When will you learn?
You Salty Clown!
Yes I just called you a Clown,
Not only that a salty one,
Why? Must you really ask?

Making me laugh,
That's what you do,
Trying to bring me down,
Why even try to win this battle,
​​​​​​A game you always lose.

The look on your face,
Tells it all,
For once again I proved the lies,
That were we so untrue,
Watch me laugh as you stand there salty.

Cut it out,
The act is over,
The curtains have closed,
I dropped the mic.

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