Poem -


Pass me that blunt,
I know can be so blunt.ย 
These hoes here canโ€™t get none,ย 
We can drink here if you want.ย 
First rule of my sex donโ€™t run.ย 
And we stopping til my dick is done.ย 

I wanna slide inside your soul girl.ย 
Take me into your world.ย 
I wanna make your toes curl.ย 
I wanna make this room whirl.ย 

Show me how you ride on it.ย 
Show me how you take this dick.ย 
Show me all your lilโ€™ tricks.ย 
You say in this I get my kicks.ย 
I donโ€™t care I just want your kiss.ย 
Say something toxic like โ€œI want your kidsโ€ย 
Gonna get all in your mix. Oo.ย 

Fill you out donโ€™t you open your mouth,
My hand is north but my tongue flew south.ย 
Get you over heated then I pour you out.ย 
On some Lilโ€™ teapot shit, your mouth is a handle.ย 
Your pussy is a spout. Mmm

Donโ€™t act all shy you know where to start. Spread your mind, let me fuck your heart.ย 

Give me all your love not just a third.ย 
I did all this with my love and words.ย 

Hi my name is mike, i do construction.ย 
The machine plays on, I canโ€™t hear nothing.ย 
Jack hammer shit, I dig below the surface.ย 
I hit the only pipe, guess the waterโ€™s working.ย 

Judging by the space, it was tight and small.ย 
Didnโ€™t really matter gotta knock down walls.ย 
Heard the phone ring I donโ€™t collect calls.ย 
Got to itโ€™s core it shakes then falls. Mm

Took my time I didnโ€™t make haste.ย 
Drunk from itโ€™s water I like the taste.ย 
The aura is love, sex the place.
Then I go home after laying waste. mm

Sativa came twice in a row.ย 
Sativa all night she can go. ย 
Sativa girl you always know.ย 
Sativa make me fuck her soul. Sativa.ย 

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