Poem -

"Set in Stone"

"Set in Stone"

"I'm making peace with all I've done,
and all that I've said,
and all the things that stress me,
inside my head.

The old me is dead.
The gravestone's erected,
and all those old ways,
are now being rejected.

I breathe now easily,
out in the Sun,
The battle was hard fought,
and The Good in me won,
but I know the old me,
has many evil friends,
that they will try to resurrect the old me,
to let sin win.

I have to carefully listen,
to the inside of my mind,
to be prepared,
and with hope and faith in my heart,
there's a smile on my face,
because I know God will be there!"

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Fonda Little

All Glory and Praise Goes to God I am but His Humble Servant! =)))

Fonda Little

thanks All Gory and Praise Goes to God!!!  

Terry Kay

Fonda,   God always puts a smile on my face.  I wrote a poem a long time back called Smile to My Face.  He always lifts you up!  Love your poem...Terry Kay