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Setting Fires - Part II

Setting Fires - Part II

The flame ignites
Seeing her faith
Fearless divine

The fire burns
Revealing truth
Sovereign sublime

And flows into
Her dying heart
To there enshrine

A brilliant light
That no darkness
Can ever outshine…

And she awakens.

Realising that
There is much more
To faith than this

Her eyes open
To dreams long lost
To reminisce

Raising her hand
Into the mists
Of the abyss

She calls upon
The sensation
Of fiery bliss…

As the flames emerge
The shifting shadows
Flee and cower

A fire rages
In her burning form
Shining with power

Spreading afar
Her consuming blaze
Athirst to devour

Transmuting darkness
Into splendour thine
To empower…

As hope pours in
From the fountains
Of heaven’s light

As twilight fades
And darkness abates
The unending night

Dissolves complete
Into the embrace
Of beauty’s might

Answering true
The promise due
Restored aright…

And as it is finished,
As the flames die down,
She smiles, realising that
Her hell is now her heaven.


Artwork by deviantart.com/sangrde/art/Rise-of-Phoenix-545972105

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