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“I think a great many of us are haunted by the feeling that our society, and by ours I don’t mean just the United States or Europe, but our whole world-wide technological civilisation, whether officially labelled capitalist, socialist or communist, is going to go smash, and probably deserves to.” (W H Auden).

We will do it to ourselves again,
For we never seem to learn;
We build a house of straw and then of bricks
What we construct we seem to burn.
Utopias cannot be built, please don’t be deceived,
They serve to make the layman slaves
To their protagonists beliefs.
Rather an Arcadian mind, hark back
To an innocence lost, a beauty
That we left behind, much to our present cost.
There is a never ending war in every human heart,
Twixt the kind and playful soul and
The morally righteous tart.

To love one’s neighbour as oneself
Would be a fine beginning;
But Utopians demand we create wealth, that
They are more sinned against than sinning.
So, the battle lines are being drawn,
The arguments are wearing thin,
Apollo and Hermes both forlorn
For neither idealist or dreamer can win…
Hurry up now folks, it’s time...
Roll up your sleeves and tuck your shirt in
For while none of us have ever seen God
There are those who believe they have heard him.


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T Starbuck

Not even one comment?? A shame as I think this is one of my better scrawls...

T Starbuck

lol....thanks Shawn....appreciated.

Shawn Naquin

I really do like this tho in all honesty :)