Poem -

Socked and winded unconscious checking account...

Socked and winded unconscious checking account...

(alternatively named last poetic endeavor for 2019
issuing out cerebral petrified complex edifice fount
wobbling as hood winking ornament mount).

Speedily rushed to intensive care unit
courtesy Brinks armored truck
Citizens Bank emergency crew
monied staff got no luck
after electronic wires connected

vital signs needle painfully stuck
showed absolute zero change
according to Huck
Finn - whose hushed tones
only audible and

understandable to famed,
feted, and fistbumped woodchuck
Punxsutawney Phil, his
off season gig include sporting
as security detail retired formerly

legendary ice hockey player
pearly whites doubled as stick
indestructible teeth hard
as steel no matter
smacked hard with puck.

Aforementioned metaphorical
add verse city
totally (tubular) ludicrous ditty
predicated upon itty bitty
financial resources faintly analogous to

meek and bumbling man
named Walter Mitty
me haint one to wallow and seek pity
only trying to buck up spirits
(think) lamely trying tubby witty.

Dirt poor penniless Joe Schmoe
more times than not finds
himself steeped within financial woe
linkedin to 2009 Hyundai Sonata toe
tilly, regularly, predictably... status quo,
one major malfunction after another no
way could adequate funds

be scraped together for I know
newer pre owned vehicle
would be dogsend,
versus panhandling hobo,

who scratches out lame poetry ergo
not long past me prime,
still able, eager, ready and
willing to secure a bow,

and make an arrow escape,
perhaps within eco
friendly intentional community,
where resources shared
among pseudo family
rather than scrimp and scrape

alone along boulevard
of broken dreams
loathing begging for alms
as arms loosely drape
analogous to overripe grape
cluster hanging toward the ground.

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Katina Woodruff...

Hail the Word Smith has arrived
and his name is Harris! 

I feel quite fortunate this morning that I can see how unique your writing style is. I'm pleasantly surprised and elated to read poetry that is so rich with vocabular that it begs the reader to use their vocabular minds and think a little to the left, instead of the right ways of reading and writing. Thank you once more. 

I have just officially become a fan of your style. You should call it: The Matthew Harris Technique in writing poetry. Sounds good, doesn't it? 

Thanks again. 
I'm enjoying the poetic journey, with you!

matthew harris

plague of mental health torturous whiplash for better and/or worse sustains the unstoppable gush (inspiration generally occurs after the bewitching hour four after midnight, which this tempestuously churning cauldron of self destruction reroutes unbearable psychological torment, and believe me you this garden variety generic guy experienced severe learning, that nearly found him failing every grade including recess and kindergarten.

online rapport with ye doth help alleviate tsuris - Yiddish for afflictions.

a sincere affection for thee imperceptibly manifests as one after another commendable commentary communicated, hence my appreciation expressed sharing a fairly recently written poem titled: 

shame and guilt sabotaged mine healthy growth   

internalized emotions wrought 
quotidian psychological oppression 
retrospective reflection courtesy 
20/20 hindsight reveals absolute zero
positive development of body, mind, and spirit

extreme agitation compromised 
maturation, education, and socialization
every year since being 
born free and clear of obvious defects
minus alien aberration, Russian collusion...,

nor deplorable crooked Hillary accusation  
and submucous cleft palate
inducing severe nasality
fraught with arduous speaking difficulty
coping, fraternizing, integrating 

within ordinary circumstances
alienated, defied, horrified, 
mortified, scared, zapped
yours truly, albeit analogous 
experiencing ferocious, hellacious, torturous... 

suffering predicated on suppressing 
and/or repressing moderate slights
inflicted upon withdrawn younger self, 
who lacked adroit, deft, heft...
coping with typical situations 

subsequently aggravating, 
exacerbating, jinxing...
to cultivate, generate, 
liberate locked potential
hypothesized, premised, yoked 

infantile grievous inconsolable crying 
unsolved behavioral mystery
venting only for "mommy"
would utter (this from hearsay)

exhibiting extreme aversion
if other than thee birth mother
comforted, cradled, cocooned...,
an extremely reticent individual

buckling as strapping bullies
relentlessly belted jibed, taunted...
said teasing begat intimidation
(oft times mentioned other poems)
scrawny kid (me) cowed, fawned, irked,

nonetheless I remained passive against 
blistering, hectoring, teasing,
which apothegm turning other cheek
avoided getting me smashed pumpkin face

courtesy subservient stance
devotional acquiescence help me dog pose
prayer temporarily answered
harboring entire being 
ten thousand feet beneath 

avast sea of dejection
time and again repeated 
alas crass harassment
absorbed into nucleus of every cell
anchored barnacle encrusted tenuous pride 

in short shrift
brewing, abjection, dejection, humiliation... 
"NOT FAKE" misery 
inducing suicidal ideation
spurring serious delineation  
allowing, enabling, proffering 

permanent salvation uber vacation
among livingsocial years later overlaid
earthshaking fault finding 
misbehavior gifted from 
those I called mother and father.

matthew harris

please pardon this spurious message, I trend rather tubby proactive and indulge sharing, no matter some hours ago this bard forwarded an unasked for example displaying craftiness begetting poem written some months back, plus once again  (namely right), a predilection prompted me to regale thee with yet another rhythmic rhyme hoopfully no incursion doth not crimp spending time tending any pertinent tasks.

thus without further ado - one moment encapsulating my

ephemeral transit on planet Earth

strictly speculation from this mind,
who contemplates stripped down version
bajillion eons ago
cosmic bit sized dots
pinwheeled thru spatial void

repulsed  and/or attracted
colluding (putin on the Ritz)
infinitesimal show stopper
devoid of prior rehearsal

since previous cosmic contraction
absent remembrance
tabula rasa, viz consciousness 
if rebooted, reincarnated, 
repurposed, et cetera, 
asper knowing nothing 
perchance if previous rendition

courtesy big bang phenomena
commissioned swirling pretty 
little invisible thangs 
dust mote size 

universe created, vis a vis 
most violent explosion
blasting subatomic tidbits
bestowing, endowing, issuing, et cetera

propensity, allowing, enabling, and providing
spontaneous quixotic, narcotic, 
and kinetic (kit) impulse
gifted, kindled plenti 
tinder vittle loving care,

(albeit on quark hilly 
weigh small  scale),
each unique data packet of life 
transiently questing organic matter

linkedin within uber webbed wide world
thrust by motive forces distilled
since primordial ooze  
painstakingly agglomerated
electron's micro gravitational tug
incrementally configured viable combinations

propelled to fraternize, collide, amass 
with other distinct minuscule entities
democratic, platonic, and symbiotic
tete a tete kickstarting avast
differentiation, godaddy hulu cost indeed 

pensively trumpeting, deploying, and fracking
the art of the Stormy Daniels deal
eventually across great swaths of time
inaugurating edifice of complex systems
(again unimaginatively teeny tiny 
timid uber pinhead size zealots)
livingsocial hoity toity groupon outlook

accruing quicken fancy feast
to concatenate, generate, and get linkedin
with hotmail to discover, 
visa vis whatsapp
penning with Molly Q. Wells  
Atom Mick Lee synchronizing
within one rolling stone.


Katina Woodruff...

Hello Matthew,

I’m more impressed than ever before of your unique style for writing and for communicating. I misspell most of my words, which is embarrassing. Something I need to work on.

We all have our unique style, but your style is in a word extraordinarily unique. I’ve never read anyone’s poetry that resembles your style, it’s the vocabular and the linking of thoughts throughout your entire poem that beckons to be read and understood.

There are a lot of fantastic writers on this website, I hope to get to know each author here, to learn their language, and to fully absorb the artist work that goes into writing a new piece.

Thankful, I have found your poetry. A kindred soul. I will keep working on building my vocabular.

Enjoy your day with new words and connections.
Thank you for writing the poem and for your most intelligent replies.

in short shrift
brewing, abjection, dejection, humiliation... 
"NOT FAKE" misery 
inducing suicidal ideation
spurring serious delineation  
allowing, enabling, proffering 

Within these lines, I could feel the torment that mental illness causes on a person's life. I can also see growth, intelligence, a high eye que and hope for tomorrow. Your writing never ceases to amaze me. Great work as always. 

I'm a huge fan!!!