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You’ve always been there
Right from the start
So here’s a poem 
Straight from the heart 

I look up to the sky 
But stop 
To ask myself why

You’ve took my brother 
Up to heaven 
But the truth is 
He belongs here in Devon 

This was never 
Part of the plan 
You’ve gone and took 
My best man 

Nightmares occur 
Late at night 
Lucky for me 
I’m prepared for the fright

Now I live 
With this everyday
Wandering why 
God took my brother away 

Soo many things 
I want you to know 
I promise you this 
I’ll never let you go 

From my heart 
From my mind 
I will never 
Leave my brother behind 

So one day 
I’ll see you my friend 
The difference is 
There will be no end 

So sleep tight 
My brother 
Light up the night 
One day I’ll tell you 
Everything’s gonna be alright!

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