Poem -

Sweet Dreamer

Sweet Dreamer

In dreams…
Set sail for the ethereal plains
Amid midnight skies
Where winged beasties reign
Butterfly beings soar high and afar
Amongst moonlights’ parade
Serenading the stars
Many rainbows remain
Lost in the night
Such a vivid vortex of virtual delight
In sleep…
I slip deeper,
further out,
I float
Bedazzled beyond any vision to quote
Remnants of memories too hard to ignore
Must remain in our brains’ subconscious store
But before I wake from this absolute awe
I pray my sweet dreams
Have eternal encores…

Carey Milton © 2019


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Carey Milton

Sorry for my late reply guys love to U both and thanks deeply for reading and comments.  Appreciation goes far in my book.xx