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The pains of a broken heart 
Creeps ever so slowly through the body 
Visiting all of ones muscles 
Even to core of the bones 

Though surrounded by friends 
And love ones
It makes you feel distant and alone 

You may be hungry 
But have no desire to eat
You may be ready to move on
But strength fails your feet

In tears you wonder 
Why is love so unfair 
The pains of a broken heart 
Will make you feel helpless 
Leaving you breathless and gasping for air

The new day dawns 
It's time to face the world 
Despite the burdens of the heart
You must smile for life's camera
And display your pearls 

So you use your only defense 
Hiding your tears 
Behind your curtain of pretense
You laugh with your peers

While patiently you wait
For a brand new start
As you endure the pains 
Of a broken heart.

Wilford Barker.

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Cherie Leigh

Hi Wilford...Sometimes that is all you can do when hurting...just wait it out and put on a pretense and pretend to be okay until the genuine emotion has a chance to catch up.  I feel for the person in the poem...as it is not a fun place to be.  Great work. xo ;) 

Wilford Barker

So true Cherie.. I am still waiting it out patiently..
thanks my friend.


This is such a simple, honest but very powerful expression of what it feels like to be trying to continue existing through tragedy and  loss..it reaches straight into the readers heart!..I know we hope time will ease the pain ..but waiting for that to happen can feel like an eternity...A touching piece, beautiful, yet sad.  A hug to you my friend...Lodigiana xx

Wilford Barker

You are so kind with your comments Lodigiana..
I really appreciate your support.
Do have a wonderful week my friend.