Poem -

Take Flight

Take Flight

Can you hear me?
I really do hope so.
You have my key. 
Please hide it, I don't want it back,
Here's the thing, it lets me out.
See, mummy's on Prozac,
And daddy's started to shout.
I'm locked in my room,
He can't get in here.
The handle's held with a broom,
Because daddy's drinking beer.
Mummy keeps crying,
Daddy tells her to shut up.
I'm thinking of flying,
Flight has always been my backup.
Mummy screams, "No!"
Daddy screams "Shut it, whore!"
Mummy pleads, "Let go!"
And something hits the floor.
I think it's time I fly.
My window's open now.
I call out, "I love you, mummy!"
And leap for the clouds.
I shut my eyes. 
"I love you too baby"
I'm greeted by open eyes and butterflies,
I recognise that voice, It's mummy.


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RRG (Rebecca)

Wow, rich with visceral truth. A slap to the face of cold reality. Well written.
Blessings, Rebecca