Poem -

Taste Me

Taste Me

I cannot wait to tell our story
of how we came to be and how I lost you at the same time
my reality is a paradox but I wish that I can be free from you and you and you
but remain in bliss with you all
there is just one you, why am I breaking that down?
into three
love is a breaking phenomenon that continues to eat at you but it tastes good
taste me 
I told him and make me feel 
I've had a bite of lust, that did not feel great 
I do not think that I am the get with it type but I gave it a try and told nobody
and no we didn't fuck he just ate at me but that was not love 
it felt off
I've had a piece of you and I liked it but when I took the whole of you I loved it 
food or love or sex
all thirst and hunger but these are our core mechanisms that fuel our survival
so learn to live with me baby if you want to keep me alive 
that is what you need 
I speak for you 
but what I need is love and stability and trust 
the intangible 
I suppose we have the commonality of love but yours is physical and mine is spiritual but touch me anyways because I miss your touch
but in another world that would never have been an issue
do not say that I have used and abused you 
you ruined me but I will let that go like I have always let that go
and so I let you go because I need to live 
and I am slowly dying without you but I continue to thrive and succeed because a man is not what I need.
            - the physical versus the mental

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I honestly felt naked reading this ~ fragile ~  , there's a sense of deep unfulfilled passion in your words, it's undeniable that these subtle undertones of pain are left to linger on in a seemly haunting recluse. 

Bold and stunningly crafted 🍁


Thank you very much, that was such a beautiful comment💓