Poem -

The Cycle

The Cycle

At 6 you're playing in the yard, ad your only worry is what momma is cooking for supper
When its dusk out, you can smell the summer time ending and its time to go insideĀ 

At 8 you're in the yard with you dad playing catch, and you don't even remember the bruisesĀ 
The pain seems to subside and you're finally happyĀ 

Now at 17, it's fun when you wake up and don't remember what day it isĀ 
Or why it burns when you pee

Now at 18, your boyfriend of two years is only "looking out" for you when he says you can't go to your bestfriend's birthday party
Because at 18, you're grown but not smart or developedĀ 

At 18 your mom dies and that bottle of pill is your only friendĀ 

Now at 19 you're addicted to drugs and the pain
And you truly believe that girl deserved itĀ 

And at 19

Well it stops at 19

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