Poem -

the longest full moon...

the longest full moon...

the flower that dreams only of the long full moon
here under the moon tree I will build a house for us
every night you smiled at me; but tonight you’re not here

leaving me all alone, living here on my own. . . it hurts
our happy ending had just begun; where did you go?
now only the bare moon tree stands alone
growing still as the world falls ill. . . and mad
everyone I know is slowly dying and I can’t stop crying
so they will leave like you did too? what do I do?
till that night, I had never felt time. . . till that night

“You say you’re a bad person...but when I saw you in my dream, you were just in love…” 

for you have all my love. . . everything belongs to you
under this tree I dreamed of you again; in my heart
lives a light; a fading light that still shines for you
living forever. . . glowing when-ever. . . waiting for you

my dearest moon disappeared from my dark sky 
on this sad and beautiful night, petals are falling
on this long and endless walk I try to catch up to you
no. . . don’t go. . . take me with you. I want to live with you


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