Poem -

To the girl who broke my soul.

To the girl who broke my soul.

why did you never say goodbye,
Like you didnt even want to try, 
You just thought of yourself alone, 
As you left me crying inside my home. 

I thought you was my soul mate my best friend, 
But I now see it was all fake.. just pretend. 

I'd make belief you'd return once you got your life on track, 
Twitching curtains day by day I soon realised you was never coming back. 

You had gone back to your abusive baby dad, 
Without taking one look back, 
Pregnant & happy but even that turned out bad, 
As he got onto the white & dark which made you sad. 

I texted, I called, 
Desperate for closure for my heart, 
But you had no conciouns from the start, 
You played me from day one like a puppet on abit of string, 
Your demons strung me along historically laughing, 
Making sure the the young girl would forever be falling. 

I now see it for what it was, 
I was a person to help pass your time, 
You had no intention of becoming my hypothetical wife, 
You literally just walked out & never even said goodbye, 
There will always be a little voice in my heart that will always wonder why? 


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I love your style of writing! amazing write! 

Cherie Leigh

Hi Lauren...You write such emotionally charged themes!  It got to me. Very sad narrative.  I enjoyed. xo ;)