Poem -

Title Here

Roses are red. Violets are blue.
Wait, blue cannot possibly be a violet’s true hue!

Are violets not violet as oranges are orange?
Well darn, there is not a word that rhymes well with orange. 

Poetry is a challenging artform to comprehend;
The work is tedious and goes on without end.

I must contend that my chief complaint
is that rhymes are limiting and add harsh restraint.

I find myself constantly referring to Google.
As I now must search, “words that rhyme with Google.”

However, the friendly search engine is of little help to me
because this poem has no mention of bugles or frugality.

Where was I again? Was this a poem of romance?
What conquest of love would this poem ever advance?

Although, there is no other person that deserves to take blame,
for it was I who started with “Title Here.” (Seriously, that is lame!)

I am not even sure if I am allowed to use parenthesis.
Let us just assume that I am using them to denote emphasis.

Also, please pretend the preceding lines rhyme seamlessly;
I have grown bored searching for suitable couplets endlessly.

Now, I simply must identify this poem’s lyrical purpose.
I have lost all direction and created a three-ring circus!

A spectacle, perhaps, is what I could label my creation!
A comically confusing jumble could offer some elation.

Now, in hopes of removing you from a state of confusion,
I will soon bring this poem to its final conclusion.

My apologies to all who read this rhyming disaster.
Clearly, I am not cut out to be a circus ringmaster.

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