Poem -

To many voices in my head

To many voices in my head

To many voices in my head  
please just shut up before I go to bed 
I can't sleep 
now shut up not one peep
I need my beauty rest 
I'm looking old to many hairs on my chest
I begin to close my eyes 
I just want to cry
I still can't fall  asleep 
now it's to dam quiet in here 
I just can't  win so pass me a beer
Since I'm stuck with you all and none of you will leave  
I might as well join the party it is still in my head I believe 
Hey pick up the trash I keep.my head clean 
Do you want me to start being mean
Every last one of you I am going to beat you down 
if you don't listen and pick up that trash off the ground
Turn on the jams and get this party started
We might as well have some fun since you guys won't be parted
Oh yes my crazies know how to party now that's alot better 
Let's get down and read this letter  
Dear sir we are informing you that you are crazy 
You are also very lazy
The board has voted  hell we  all are a little bit insane dismiss
Can we  come to your party in your head it the place to have fun and kiss
We hear it is a blast  
Everyone laughing on how long you are going to last
So I might be crazy or I might not but we have fun  plus there  is always plenty top shelf pot

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Tony Taylor

Thanx for sharing this late-night piece of poetic prose.....I think¬†a LOT of people can relate to what you're laying down here......ALL STARS!......well done JOHN!!......and WELCOME to COSMO!!......LOVE & ROCKETS!!......T xo ūüźß

John Lenning

I thank you very much sometimes I cant judge what I write I appreciate the kind words