Poem -

Under the Light

Under the Light

I sit in the starlit nothing,
gazing into the pulsating night vistas,
wonder seeping into my very soul,
but one thing is awry.
Not the great stars, who shine ever beautifully,
not the milky way, in its band across the sky,
not the constellations, whose beauty has stunned throughout the ages,
not the moon, who is the caraciture of love and light,
not a comet, who blazes in one moment of glory,
not a planet, whose halo envelops the minds eye,
but you, a thing of wonder that outshines them all.
I long to feel you by my side,
to see you, hand in mine,
to stare into the night together.
But, no, not yet.
I must wait my turn,
for the heavens to wheel into position,
for the chips to fall as they may,
for the courage to ask you.
To feel you in my heart and soul,
to hold your hand in the starlight,
is my greatest wish.
Because, without you,
they aren't very exciting, are they?
Just balls of gas, millions of light-years away.
But when reflected in your eyes,
even the dimmest stars shine.
Under the moonlight, you glow brighter,
your smile, more brilliant and disarming than anything else can be.
And, most awe-inspiring of all,
that I could say you loved me,
that I could share the night sky with you,
show my passion for both of you,
talking long into the starry night, 
and into the swiftly rising dawn.
That is my dream.
It haunts me every night, 
Like a cat waiting to pounce,
but I can see you anywhere, anytime.
You will never be mine,
 only your own,
But I am always yours.
And, maybe, one day,
you'll know.
And we can laugh about it together,
under the light.

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Dmitri Rudder

If love is blind,
I'm wearing sunglasses made of pitch.