Poem -


I walked through the door  
They said "Please, sit down"  
"We've got some bad news,  
It's all over town"  
"Someone said something,  
And said it was you"  
"She said that you touched her,  
We know that's not true"  
I've always loved kids  
In all the right ways  
I never looked AT THEM  
Not even sideways  
Along comes His Ex  
His Ex with a grudge  
She took my good name  
And turned it to sludge  
We all were questioned,  
By all the experts  
Questions that frightened  
Questions that hurt  
And "NO"was the answer  
The little girl said  
"Oh, I sat on his lap"  
"But!, he only read!"  
"Unsubstantiated" was  
The word that they used  
It stays with you always  
A huge mental bruise  
Forty years later  
I keep them at bay  
NO!, It's not right  
But how it will stay 

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Cherie Leigh

How horrible!  I can imagine the damage that does to one's soul to be falsely accused of inappropriate behavior with a child, all out of vengeance and a disgruntled heart to hurt.  Unsubstantiated accusations still have a reverberating effect that do not go away....So unfair!  Great work to show this horrible truth that goes on.  xo 

Bill MacEachern

Thank You Cherie,
Its going on 35 years, I get by pretty good these days, I still don't allow any situation where I'm left alone with children. I dont always wonder anymore when I bump into old friends or just towns people( I live in small peninsula beach town everybody knows everybody) if they're remembering that I was once accused of THAT...
In retrospect, I was very lucky, I was never charged, it ended at DSS building where we were all interviewed, together and alone...
I knew that a 3-4 year old's mind can be swayed, so I was petrified...
But told it as it was...
" No, He only read to me"