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Walked away

He walked away from the matter . Abondandoned his fledglings couldn't stand theirĀ  fruit cake of a mother . She walked with her pushchair abondandoned any love for him she harbouredĀ  . The children grew and walked away from the situation a strange place to stay , dead beats walk away they where brainwashed to think . Every story has many outlooks , depending on the view who's telling the truth , tale , excuses from arguments long . Walking away from getting done for it . Let a cane wack a friend with bars . Packed with remorse is somewhere no one can run from . Flight , fight or freeze defense's that all of us harbor . Can I be mad at those who are forced to walk away due to a twist in the tale . To cover their but , to keep what they have , to find someone better . To get a mental block otherwise would have unstabled them . We all want to walk tall , not be the villian . So think careful as one walks tentatively towards the future .Ā Ā 

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