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When you Betray me

When you Betray me

Stab me in the back and later stitch up my wound,
but that’s another scar you gave me,
Commit a crime then act like all is fine, 
As if all it takes is an a apology,
Your humanity is mythology,
Sometimes I feel like your a machine,
Incapable of understanding what people feel,
And It’s crazy how you’re so sure of yourself,
Making  people so unsure of themselves,
You emptied the chamber on me,
Each shot taken with a minute pause,
And still I did not see,
Cause every hole in my body,
 was followed with a sorry,
And when I finally died,
The blame was on me

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I really can relate to that poem

Raquel Sanchez

Damn really? This poem is actually about one of my closest friends funny enough