Poem -


the lover left behind

Pulling legs from plastic parks
vacant tiny innocent cloudy days
interested thunder watching in a tigers haze
fortunes rested now
on a grave in your furrowed plough
Vestel doll in fires breath
catch a night as it crawls
interested parted thing
ocean blue in the salted sting

See her scratch against the marble
bloody stains revealing the haunted name
never read in dusted sheet
crowded lonely erupted heap
see her lick the granite stone
from beneath earthly loam

Humans translating to crumbling bone
clay and sand the eyes return
see her laid amongst the chains
weighted in hours spread then gained
under a dripping blood red yew
stranger thing , in a strangers hue
across avoided hurtling womb
see her laugh and see her swoon

Now as time pretends the curse
daylight is the night's nurse
she flays her open soul

And me
that fragrance once,


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