Poem -

You Smell!

You Smell!

Every time I am near you, your odor reigns strong!
Like a ripe, cabbage-dipped skunk, sweating in a thong...
My nostrils are overly stressed, from the stench of your body!
If your smell had to be a sound, I'm sure It'd scream loudly...
I really like your personality, but the smell is unbearable.
I'll buy you a year's supply of soap, make it unshareable!

Here, take this deodorant, please use it wisely,
Cause when you raise your arms, I can't stay around thee!
The smell of sweat, and dead bodies I bet, are coming from your mouth!
The plan you put together to stay clean, swiftly went South!
As your friend I must tell you, to get yourself together...
Your skin smells like a pack of dogs, in nasty stormy weather.

You should know by this point, that your smell is a problem...
Your toothbrush and towel remain dusty, for you are never around them!
Your shower stays pristine, due to lack of use,
It's like your body is a giant stink bomb, with a pre-lit fuse!
My eyes tear up every time, you consider coming my way,
The rotten crust from last year's pizza is between your toes to stay.

The only difference between you and the dump, is that you live and breathe,
Your teeth and tongue cry when you sneeze, due to smells of rotten cheese! 
Old and lonely you will be, with the odors you emit,
It's kinda like disposal of guts, in a giant black licorice pit!
You really, REALLY smell! I just had to let you know..
And since I'm feeling light-headed, I think that I should go!