Poem -

you, too...

you, too...

You are the essence of the rainbow after rain
You own the lips I need next to me at night
     you’re the lasting perfume in the room
     the sweetest of the girls I knew

And when the egress opens
and you walk out the door
     I sense a sentiment I never felt before.

And when the ingress moves
and sunlight can be seen
I know my wait is almost over
     a new day nearly dawned
     we talk, and chuckle
     laugh, cajole, and fawn.

Brown hair swishing in the breeze
eyes on mine that say so much
     head on shoulder, resting kind – 
     gentle to the touch.

Loving thoughts, there’s no tomorrow
no beginning and no end
lucky to have found another
soft and tender, beating when
     my heart beats, my love, my sweet
     together, one, apart unheard
     not to take your world away
     it’s my world now – 
     don’t say a word.


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