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Rewards For leaving a Present In The Right Place.

One very hot day, I decided on my way home from work I would stop off at this local farm that sell ice cream. So I get myself a Root Beer Galatia, go sit under this over hang and enjoy this cool refreshment. 
Well I take a seat next to some woman who have their children with them. I overhear one woman ask the other if their daughter entered the potting training stage.
The other woman replies," Yes, my daughter has been receiving rewards every time she uses the potty ,instead going to the bathroom in her pull ups.
So the mother of the daughter say," tell Mrs .Kim, what you gotten for using the potty like a big girl!"
The little girl in her shy manner,hugging her mother leg replies," I’ve gotten dollies,and stuffed animal,and treats."
While hear this conversation a funny thought came into my head,I wanted to blurt out to the ladies," Well My nurse promised me, she will buy me a Lamborghini,if i would use the toilet instead of using my Depends to go to the bathroom!"

Written By Stephen J.Vattimo

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