Poem -

5 Year Old Robber

Even though my son is only five years old, he's somebody who you'll clobber.
He is an adorable child but he's also something else, he's a robber.
He steals everywhere he goes and he has become an expert at picking pockets.
He stole a diamond ring and he and his mom took it to a pawn shop to hock it.

I hate to admit it but it was his mom who taught him to be a crook.
While I was sleeping, the gold fillings in my teeth were what he took.
We went to Buckingham Palace and he stole the Queen's crown.
She was about to have us shot and we had to quickly get out of town.

Even though I've begged him not to be a thief, he won't stop.
We arrived back in the USA this morning and I called the cops.
They just slapped the cuffs on him and took him away, his mom said what the cops did was an insult.
The police said that because my son is so naughty, he'll be the only five year old to be tried as an adult.