Poem -

Anomalous poetic contrivance evokes...

googling inept kickstarted lame outré jaunty hokum

Anomalous poetic contrivance evokes...

(alternately titled:
Random screenshot within me noggin
instantaneously transforming,
née devolving into gobbledygook.)

I got born with poker faced physiognomy,
no matter yours truly doth not play cards
though self same person impractical joker
shuffles thru life without (think silent owl)
gives no hoot, though reckons Halloween
mask permanently affixed bonafide tragic/
comic features ofttimes resignation chiefly

communicated, one luckless boyish looking
goodfella, (a veritable greybeard, albeit or
kissed striated uber wordsmith yawping zee
lot misanthrope) chronologically edging two
ward the edge of night concerning mortality,
meanwhile fudging primitive protoplasmic
prurient predilection emblematic of proud
primate, i.e. Homo sapiens 1% Neanderthal.

At birth, yours truly a tangle of arms & legs
scrawny bundle of lovely bones linkedin as
hypothetical extinct creature halfway in
evolutionary line between modern human
beings and their anthropoid progenitors, an
atavistic penchant to scurry along on all his

four indistinguishable limbs rooting around
for grubs using quasi snout (visualize) multi
sensory proboscis (adorned with coiled cilia)
evolved for touching, tasting, snorting, and
(sniffing out) smelling faintest molecular jot.

Mutations begat courtesy
in vitro fertilization gone awry
amateur Doctor Frankenstein wannabe
horror, he did decry
innocuous experiment genetically
designing generic guy
wrested out bubbling test tube,

manifested nsync with no lie
feted date regarding celebrated
jumping frog of Calaveras
County - chosen birthday
one primate roaming July 2nd, 2020
approximately CCXLIV orbitz
after initial 1776 fourth of July

ushering, igniting, exploding
contentious, prodigious, riotous
racial quandary paramount
issue conscientious Earthlings contend
obliged regarding minecrafted
dissension front and center
across spectrum of humanity

necessary burning issue Homo
sapiens unavoidable progressive
equality mandate to occupy
even attention of Holden Caulfield
made household name
courtesy J(erome) D(avid)
Salinger's Catcher in the rye.

No matter yours truly peculiar
looking packaged, oddly
pickled, and puckered, thus
token scapegoat (no kidding),
this ole buck (bully me)

shunned, ostracized, penalized...,
(when just good little boy,
nor baad ass man) never privy
to good luck, cuz I always feel
(felt) excluded, intimidated,

and marginalized (yes in part
resembling a being from an
alien nation (and/or
outer limits thereof)
preferring the twilight zone,
especially when dark shadows
crawl along edge of night,
where nocturnal ghastly
emanations issue forth.

Mine easily becoming hypnotized
allows, enables, and provides
ingress for spectral constituent
shape shifting material
courtesy Matthew Scott Harris,
which disembodied ethereal flotsam
phantasmagorical spirited phenomenon
coalesces around me

gently cocooning, engulfing,
and fabricating yours truly,
whereby I become
transmogrified into an unfurled
magic Harris Tweed Scottish
welcome mat flying
to and fro, hither and yon.

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