Poem -



Your love is my anesthesia 
That makes this process painless
The moments give me amnesia
To the life time I have remaining
Your presence is my pace maker
The closer we are the faster the beat
If you decide to leave on behalf of a replacer
That’ll mean no good for me 😣
I’m not the perfect patient
I’m grumpy at times and need privacy
I know I probably drive you crazy
But I honestly wouldn’t know what to do without your life with me
You hold my heart with concern and delicacy 
Your carefulness has gained all my trust
Knowing the death of me will be you missing me
So being my provider and shield is a must
As many times as I was nonchalant
Giving you shoulder shrugs
Not giving you the responses you wanted
You never once pulled the plug
You have earned my every right
And the trust to operate on me
Knowing I’ll rather just die
If I was just depending on your PhD 
Your time is my medicine 
The kind that I won’t overdose
I can’t think of a moment better than
Always having you so close
So you can see you’re my want and need
My guardian angel, my conscience 
You’re the flow through my arteries
To prevent the heart blockage
You’re my cardiologist 
That creates this spark
Giving me plenty of wattage 
To defeat this dart
If they tried to switch my doctor
There’s no one else I would take
You’re my drive, my monitor
My mate, the only thing keeping me awake.

                             The End

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Tony Taylor

VERY clever verse.......with imagery created by some even MORE clever phrasing!......ALL STARS!!..... well done!!...... and....... WELCOME to COSMO HENNESSEY!!......LOVE & ROCKETS!!.....T xo 👍👍✴✴👌✴👍😊

Hennessey Hill

Tony Taylor, I’m glad you like it😊thanks for reading and I’m honored!

Terry Reeves

Anyone who had a heart -
it's just a pump and makes me grump.

Daniel Hickman

Nice job hill. Every heart needs a little Jesus tho. Check this out brother https://youtu.be/dbwZzwBW_AI