Poem -

fuss and nonsense

fuss and nonsense

Fuss and Nonsense went to the bay
leaving Grumpy and Difficult at home to stay

they went to sit down on the beach on the sand
until Fuss said to Nonsense; I’d much rather stand

Nonsense misheard what Fuss had to say
and sat on the sand on the beach at the bay

Fuss turned her head to a mighty foul sound
it was Grumpy approaching and shouting out loud

I’ve come to spread torpor and to wither and fade
I’ve come for a day at the beach in the shade

as Fuss became grumpy and difficult too
she took on a persona depressingly blue

she started to shrink and to shrivel and wilt –
Nonsense caught with a start at the spite Fuss had built

Nonsense could sense an odd feeling impart
so he swam over to Chance who cajoled a fresh start

they talked babble and jabber and twaddle all day
and swam to the new world where they’d canoodle and play

they were free to be flippant and simply have fun –
leaving Fuss and her ‘friends’ in the company of Numb