Poem -

Her last days

Her last days

A man and a woman who didn’t love each other right,
spent to many nights picking pointless fights,
to much time in darkness without any light,
instead of leaving each other they conceived a child.

What they did not know,
how fast it takes to grow,
before that child knows,
how their love really goes.

That child was brought into a world,
with no chance of being a little girl,
in a world that is tainted black,
and a place where you cannot come back.

That girl went to school everyday to see,
all of the other children with such great families,
She was having trouble at home,
just to come to a place where she was left all alone.

No one to comfort her, oh how she wished they could have,
then maybe that girl would have,
Never felt pain in the way, 
as if it were her last days.

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RRG (Rebecca)

Writing about this kind of thing is so important. Blessings and hello. 

Shaikyrra Mel

Thank you 😊 I appreciate the feedback 😊

Valerie Lynn

Extremely powerful write! Very relatable! Love your writing.
🖤 Val

A Lonely Journey

Fantastic writing, Shakirrya! 
Beautifully sad. 
Keep writing, you're great!