Poem -

I am Home

I am Home

My eyes go blank and pupils fade
I leave them behind and my spirit retreats
Beautiful colours amidst the shade
Envelope my soul and whisk it away
The hush of the sea and sparkling sands
Caress my being and soothe my bewildermentΒ 
The soft gentle touch of unseen handsΒ 
Swaying the boat to and fro in soothing rhythmΒ 
I feel a sense of regret and dismay
As my life before slips below the horizonΒ 
As I leave behind my final dayΒ 
And drift towards a sense of love and comfortΒ 
Familiar faces appear in each cloud
Beckoning smiling, they welcome me home
Sweet melancholy music, so soothing so loud
Penetrates every fibre of my being
I forget the suffering and the pain
The harsh coldness of life washed away
By the warm metallic droplets of heavenly rain
Now I remember, now this feels like homeΒ 

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Jayne Curry

Thank you for reading and commenting. Glad you enjoyed.


This sounds like a beautiful death Jayne. There's some great imagery in there. That's how I would want my final departure to feel.

- Syd xoΒ 

Jayne Curry

Thanks Syd . Guess we all imagine something different. We have to hope that there's something...xΒ