Poem -

In Silence

In Silence

My room is a mixture of fear and delight
As I lie on my back and I study the night.
All around me the stars are aligning my fate
But I still make no sound.

Fingernails scrape down the windows and doors
Lions and tigers leap out of the walls.
I open my mouth and I try hard to call
But I still make no sound.

In the next room I hear them
But they cant hear me.
Two inches of wall make an eternity
That separates all that is happy and free
But I still make no sound.

In the moonlight the rays 
make my eyes shine as black
The heat of my pillow 
makes marks on my back.
The sweet smell of perfume seeps in through a crack
But I still make no sound.

In the beautiful cell of my beautiful life.
A mother, a daughter, a sister, a wife
My spirit is silently cut with a knife
But I still make no sound

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Gosh thank you. I tend to always use humour but wanted to try something different this time, so glad you liked it x