Poem -


Sharp radiations burnt skin that hurt it not
Homeless souls shivering from the lashes of cold rain
World’s walls stopping birds navigating new terrains
Strength, raped to bear exhausted offspring
How the helpless bleed of captivity!

It is the light of this darkness that blinds me
Master strokes that tear the dry flesh of the weary
Where do I seek redress when Oppression is the law?
How can my wounds heal from this continuous scraping?
Like a lamb, I lay lame on the priest’s altar

My sole is sore walking an arid plain in dry weather
A broken bone further burdened into grains                       
I am a force that can’t be forced
A believer of the unbelievable
A broken piece that fights to find its pieces

Relentless is my true length; can’t be stretched
Like a tide, this heart breathes against motionlessness
Though dirt on my hue sits, a human I will not stop to be
The survival instincts shall survive
Weakness can only live to sell strength’s story                                                                



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Gerard McGowan


I am a force that can't be forced
A believer of the unbelievable 
A broken piece that fights to find its pieces

How inspiring, great poem Anthony. 

Barry Childs

Yes, this is inspiring. Terrific piece. Thanks for sharing Anthony. Barry x


Very inspirational and welcome to cosmo

DO me a favor, I rated you, give a couple of minutes of your time to rate and leave a comment on a recently submitted poem.  Inspiration is addicting

Tony Taylor

excellent wordplay here dear poet brother!!......Congrats on the nod from administration!!......ALL STARS!!....well done!!......and.......WELCOME to COSMO!!......LOVE & ROCKETS!!.......T xo 👏👏✴👌

Mai B

This sounds like an extract from the Bible, needless to say it made me ponder and reflect. You did a good job here, you came up with some really interesting lines. Well done, Anthony.