Poem -

Irrelevant boyhood arcane flotsam and jetsam...

Irrelevant boyhood arcane flotsam and jetsam...

Impossible mission to jettison
nonetheless laughter iz best medicine
more enjoyable with vignette aye fabricate
(think swifty taylor harried style)
ah... voila - metaphorical light bulb Edison
would appreciate.

Martha Groff a classmate
the youngest of four progeny
born approximately nine months after late
February/early March nineteen fifty nine
born December third
later same year, I speculate,
(why superfluous tidbit stuck in me pate

I'm noggin ha understand why nor postulate
rhyme or reason only ejaculate,
(albeit not prematurely) afore said date
inexplicable retention factoid remains
thus attempt to (poetically) communicate
and perhaps even entertain far fetched

scenario, where she responds, and I officiate
as designated dogfather toward fete,
perhaps birth of grandchild
thanks in part to manufacturer and affiliate
of friggin robust Groff seeds to active
courtesy after parents did consummate -

biological reproduction in utero
accomplished, completed, kickstarted
miraculous biological fate
begetting above named girl, I felt passionate
attended same school as yours truly late
nineteen sixties/early seventies,

and with exemplary grades did graduate
with honors Henry Kline Boyer Elementary
sometime thereafter, I lost sight
how her je nais sais quois presence did captivate
a presumption, she lived with birth family
at 306 Level Road and occupied residence

prior to ninety sixty eight
with two older sisters and a brother
if memory serves me correct,
cuz details sketchy, thus I will fabricate
ordinarily pathetically lame anecdote,
a pecker yule your faint recall state

with... ahem... great balls of fizzled fire,
this then puny lad, I swear to dog I intimate...
suddenly memory akin to blank slate
hence... fill in blank space,
how yours truly did capitulate!

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