Poem -

Love Magic

Magic eyes
You have deep magic eyes.
I can feel your incantation.
Driving me to desperation.
Waiting for your special touch
Craving what we do so much.
It is not seemly to want this way.
To keep on thinking about you every day.
What am I to do.
I have a curse that is about you.
When will I be able to breathe?
When will I get some sleep?
It isn't fair you know 
To keep me waiting and wanting you so
What am I to do?
I know I am cursed in wanting you.

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Tony Taylor

Hello ELAINE!!...this is a VERY well crafted piece of poetic verse.....one can feel the desperation and the longing created here by VERY strong phrasing that paints moving imagery in the mind's eye of the reader ~

             ~ "It is not seemly to want this way
                 To keep on thinking about you every day
                 What am I to do
                 I have a curse that is about you..."

You definitely have a great sense of poetic rhythm and timing......ALL STARS!!......well done dear poet sister!!.....and......WELCOME to COSMO!!......LOVE & ROCKETS!!......T xo 🐧✴❤


ElAine Hillston

Tony Taylor
Thank you sir for your comment.  I enjoyed
reading it and it made me feel very welcome to the site.
Ellie. :)

Cherie Leigh

HI Elaine....Sounds like an incredible obsession with bit of guilt involved...a blessing and a curse to have feelings of his magic touch....lol...I love passionate poetry, so this strikes a cord with me.  Enjoyed. xo