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Me & The Dragon

Me & The Dragon

I haven't been chasing the dragon, it's been chasing me
I climbed on top one day and it flew away with me
It was intoxicating seeing the world from on high
Never realizing at any moment I could fall from its back and die 
So I rode it several more times, none as great as the first ride
And when I realized what I was doing and quit
I'd constantly find my self stepping in dragon shit
Everywhere I went this dragon was hiding in plain sight
I wondered why no one could see it as its shadow turned day into night
I tried ignoring it because when I gave it attention it talked to me
Telling me to climb on its back and we would fly over the sea
I admit I did a few times, always regretting it after
I just keep seeing me and the dragon soaring the world going faster and faster
Its scales cut me and its breath burned me
The dragon would say, what's a few scars for the gift to fly freely?
But I wasn't free at all, I think he knew that I was aware
Faking his glance into that puppy dog stare
I knew at that moment what I had to do
I told that dragon, I have to quit you
He continued day in and day out to haunt me
So I stole one of the blacksmith’s swords and killed it cold turkey

LukeCoomer ©

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Cherie Sumner Taylor

I love this Luke!  It reminds me of a man having to face his demon, and in this metaphorical write it was a dragon...and he slew it once and for all.......Pinned...I love the ending...Perfect way to bring resolution...lol  xo Cherie